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Cold and Heat Insulation – Thermocol Pipe Section Manufacturer Supplier in India

Thermocol Pipe Section For Insulation

Pipe insulation can prevent condensation forming, as the surface temperature of the insulation will vary from the surface temperature of the pipe. Condensation will not occur, provided that

  1. The insulation surface is over the dewpoint temperature of the air
  2. The insulation incorporates some type of water-vapour barrier or retarder that prevents water vapour from passing through the insulation to form on the pipe surface.

Pipe insulation cannot prevent the solidifying of standing water in pipework, but it can increase the time required for freezing to occur—thereby reducing the risk of the water in the pipes freezing. For this reason, it is recommended to insulate pipework at risk of freezing, and local water-supply regulations may require pipe insulation be applied to pipework to reduce the risk of pipe freezing.

We offer a huge collection of hot and cold insulation products. These products are used in various segments for different insulation applications. Its prominent features include good thermal resistance, excellent chemical resistance, fine heat resistance and dimensional stability. All the hot and cold insulation products can be customized according to clients’ specifications.

EPACK India is the largest manufacturer of Thermocol Pipe Section for hot and cold insulations in all over India. We are one of the best Thermocol Pipe Section for customized packaging.

These Thermocol products are used in various industries such as food and beverage, electronic industries, and much more in order to pack a wide variety of goods and products. The offered pipe insulation is manufactured from high-grade material and advance technology. These pipes are examined properly by our quality experts in order to deliver flawless range. Our pipes are exceptionally valued by our precious patrons for its outstanding quality.

EPS Thermocol Pipe Sections are EPS blocks that go with any size of a nominal bore of pipe used for thermal insulation. Being high temperature and water resistant, our pipe sections find their application in packaging of thin and long objects. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, they are mainly used for the maintenance of the internal temperature of ducting used to transmit cool and compressed air from external surrounding temperature.

Thermocol Pipe section manufacturer in India

Reduce your costs and conserve energy by properly insulating your industrial processing establishments with our high quality insulation material.

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