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Thermocol Insulation For Air-Conditioning

Thermocol insulation in air conditioning system is primarily used to reduce heat gain or heat loss from piping. Other factors include preventing the icing of water vapor and condensation on cold surface. Water vapor from the air or surrounding area must be kept from entering the cold side of the pipe to prevent condensation of moisture from the air on the outside of the cold piping. Thermocol insulation can be defined as the process which aids in the reduction of the transfer of the heat from outside to inside. Thermocol Insulation enables consistency in room temperature by keeping the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter from the outside. It is energy saving as the transfer of heat from inside to outside and vice versa be limited.

thermocol insulation

Thermocol Insulation for Air Conditioning

Insulation is a particular one kind of layer which is used to protect any kind of pipelines, cold storages, boilers, tanks and machineries of the temperature. We are providing energy efficiency solutions, cost effective, comfortable indoor environments for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

EPACK India is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Thermocol products for hot and cold insulation in all over India. We are manufacturer of a wide range of products which include thermocol pipe section, eps thermocol pipe section and white thermocol pipe section. We offer a huge collection of thermocol insulation products for air conditioning. Get Thermocol Insulation at the best price in India.


Thermocol Insulation for Air Conditioning in Cold Stores for Food Preservation:

Thermocol Insulation is useful in cold storage for food preservation. Some foods stay longer at low temperatures, cold stores are the logical approach to the problem. Therefore, advantages of thermal insulation lining in the roofs, walls and floors of storage chambers.

Industrial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning:

We involve in processing, storage and transport of special products at controlled low temperature. Hence, use these products in chemicals, petrochemical, fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals, synthetic yarn, electronic, optical and precision goods.

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