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Recommended Guidelines of Geofoam Applications in Highway Embankments

EPS Geofoam For Landscaping

Geofoam is a multifunctional EPS filling solution that comprises of redid EPS cut blocks used as lightweight void fillers that help support highways, air terminal runways, bridges, parking garages, sections, and finished zones. EPS geofoam is like the EPS ordinarily used as insulation in building walls, rooftops, establishments, and under slabs, yet it is explicitly designed for civil applications. It is 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

Geofoam refilling prompts to substantial savings of concrete, unsuitable soils, or other backfilling material and significantly reduces the load on hidden compressible soils. Geofoam is also used as floor raising/insulation in villas, apartments, swimming pools, stadiums, and so on.

EPS geofoam is approximately 100 times lighter than most soil and at least 20 to 30 times lighter than other lightweight fill alternatives. This extreme difference in unit weight compared with different materials makes EPS geofoam an attractive fill material. Since it is a soil other option, EPS geofoam embankments can be secured to look like ordinary sloped embankments or completed to resemble a wall.

There are various other “medium weight” fill materials that are at times considered for use as soil substitutes. These materials all are lighter than soil, however have various restrictions:

Froth Concrete – must be made nearby, filthy, boisterous, can solidify in chilly climate, can just arrive at a low thickness of around 25 lbs/cu ft.

Waste Tires – variable sourcing, not an engineered product, difficult to move and place.

Light weight soils – these are still much heavier than Geofoam.

Wood Chips – variable sourcing, variable species density, difficult to ship and place, not an engineered material, can break down.

Wood Fiber – variable sourcing, variable density, difficult to move and place and place, can decompose.

While considering the entirety of the attributes of EPS Geofoam, you understand that it is a designed material that has item features and advantages that are far better than other potential fill materials.

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