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Benefits of Thermocol Insulation Sheet for Roof and Ceiling Insulation

Thermocol Sheets, Thermocol Sheet

Among the many hard roof insulation options, expanded polystyrene is the best. Roof installation is one of the largest and most important costs facing a building owner. Roof installation costs include roofing, waterproofing membranes, installation, insulation, maintenance, and repairs. Roofing system developers believe that systems that use EPS thermocol as insulation can meet the growing demand for insulation in buildings. The contractor concluded that EPS thermocol sheets in India are the best choice for roof and ceiling insulation.

EPS thermocol is a lightweight foam plastic that is ideal for insulation. Effective water resistance, long-term R-value, dimensional stability, and energy savings can be achieved when EPS is properly installed. Reduces exposure of EPS to moisture. Excellent durability. EPS insulation is suitable for all commercial roofing systems. EPS is a cost-effective solution with consistent thermal performance.

  1. Energy efficiency

Saving energy and resources is a pressing issue when choosing materials for construction. Technology developments always help the construction industry improve the thermal performance of buildings. Beyond the R-value, many factors can affect thermal performance. Air intrusion, thermal shorts, poor quality, and poor construction details. Additionally, the effectiveness and durability of EPS insulation vary by region.

EPS insulation does not exhibit efficiency loss or long-term R-value degradation. However, thermal drift can also affect the performance of insulation products. Depending on the insulation used, the R-value will decrease as the quality of the material used decreases. Therefore, these factors should be considered when considering insulation performance.

During manufacturing, certain blowing agents are used in the insulation. These gases increase the R-value, but the diffusion of the gases from the foam used during the installation of the roof system degrades the performance of the material after a certain number of days. But with EPS, no such gas is blown into the material. In this way, the R-value of EPS insulation can be maintained for a long period of time, and the use of EPS can improve resource and energy-saving processes.

2)    Growth of Molds

Moisture plays an important role in protecting the insulation of your roof system. Mold can grow almost anywhere moisture is present. Therefore, manufacturers of building materials claim that their materials are “mildew resistant”. Therefore, it is important to control the presence and humidity of water on the roof. Interestingly, EPS did not show mold growth even in the presence of moisture.

EPS is a non-hygroscopic material. Does not absorb atmospheric moisture or humidity. The arrangement of the closed cells of the EPS limits the entry of water. As a result, water cannot penetrate the EPS insulation. Amazingly, EPS insulation can maintain thermal efficiency and compressive strength.

3)    Price Cutting with Thermocol Insulation Sheet

Due to thermocol insulation, the temperature in the room will not be stable, but also comfortable throughout the season. We can reduce high electricity bills in summer and cold seasons by insulating thermocol sheets on walls and roofs. Even if you can use it for design, you will actually save a lot of money. Thermocol insulation ensures that the unit in which it is used does not lose energy. Thus, if there is no energy loss, the heater and air conditioner will consume less energy to reach the desired temperature. So, using less AC and heater will definitely affect the power consumption.

4)    Protection of the Environment

EPS is an eco-friendly insulation option for builders. They are made from recycled products. It does not contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. EPS does not contain CFCs or HCFCs. Other insulation materials contain these gases.

So, as we just said, how do things change when you start using thermocol insulation sheets? So now you do not need to use so many air conditioners and heaters artificially regulate the temperature in the room.

By using fewer and fewer of these devices, you will reduce your energy consumption. Now you not only save energy but also make the environment safer. Heaters and air conditioners emit Co2 gas in order to operate according to their principles. So, without insulation, you can release a lot of Co2 into the atmosphere.

5)    Reduce Noise Pollution

These thermocol insulation materials not only stop heat loss but also ensure low noise levels in the building block. This reduces the noise level and increases the sound insulation of building elements.

These are the main benefits you get by installing thermocol insulation materials in buildings. With them, you not only save money for yourself, but also for the environment. It’s time to think smarter and build smarter.

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